N70574 – 1969 Cessna 182M

Before club members can fly this plane, they must have at least 5 hours of flight experience in a Cessna 182, have a high-performance endorsement, and be given an endorsement for this airplane by a club approved instructor. The long-range fuel tanks make this a great traveling aircraft.

N70574 is certified for IFR flight with the following avionics:

  • G500TXi PFD/MFD with EIS, Charts, Synthetic Vision and TAWS-B
  • GI 275 Backup AI/ADI/MFD
  • GFC 500 Autopilot
  • GTX 345 Remote Transponder with ADS-B In/Out
  • GMA 35c Remote Stereo Audio Panel with 3D Audio and Bluetooth for listening to music
  • Flight Stream 510 can be paired to Garmin Pilot or Foreflight
  • Pilot and Copilot GSB 15 Type A & C USB chargers
  • Equipped with Garmin Autonomi™ Smart Glide™
  • Equipped with Telligence™ voice control

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